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Trinity River Basin Environmental Flows Information Collective

Eric S. Hersh, M.S.E., Kate A. Marney, B.S. and David R. Maidment, PhD


Access to existing data and documents is a valuable and necessary tool for future scientific and engineering analyses. Some documentation is readily available through various means. Much is currently unavailable, however: a significant detriment to accomplishing the goal of establishing environmental flow needs. This project sought to organize and foster access to documents, reports, and studies. For this demonstration project, the river basin and bay system consisting of the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers and Galveston Bay forms the study area. The objectives of this project were to create a comprehensive Environmental Flows Document Model that would provide the format and organizing scheme for the incorporation of information from the multiple relevant disciplines; compile representative existing information on the hydrology, biology, physical habitat, physical processes (geomorphology), and chemical processes (water quality, aquatic life uses, etc.) of the study area; and deliver a prototype temporally- and spatially-explicit annotated bibliography of documents, reports, studies, and journal articles pertaining to the study area. In conjunction with the University of Texas Libraries, the DSpace digital repository system was used to capture, store, index, preserve, and redistribute documents.

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