Arc Hydro: GIS for Water Resources

Arc Hydro Tools

The Arc Hydro Toolset

The Arc Hydro Toolset is a suite of tools which facilitate the creation, manipulation, and display of Arc Hydro features and objects within the ArcMap environment.  The tools provide raster, vector, and time series functionality, and many of them populate the attributes of Arc Hydro features.  The .zip file below contains the Arc Hydro Tools setup file as well as several documents describing what the tools are and how to use them.

download the Arc Hydro Toolset here:                   

Arc Hydro Tools v 1.0 Beta 2

The NWIS Tool

NWIS is the USGS National Water Information System. The NWIS tool reads USGS gage ID's from gage stations on your map and retrieves stream discharge information from NWIS for a specified period of record. The tool then processes the data and builds a time series table to store the data.

download the NWIS tool here: